I was travelling down Yonge Street on Saturday through Richmond Hill just north of Toronto. I passed a pink canoe on the side of the road….and a pink canoe is not something you see everyday….especially on the side of Yonge Street. It turns out it is being portaged across southern Ontario to raise awareness and donations for breast cancer.

A little over a year ago I was involved in a portage from Toronto to Peterborough in memory of Kirk Wipper….and I thought that was a long portage….but this summer a young man is portaging a pink canoe from Kingston through Ottawa to Toronto and on to London and Windsor….the Pink Portage as it is known or described on the website (http://pinkportage.com/The_Pink_Portage.html) as:

The Pink Portage

The Pink Portage is a 1,200 km trip across Ontario that I will be attempting to finish in 40 days. On June 3rd, 2012 I will be departing from Kingston, ON and after looping around our nation’s capital, Ottawa, I will heading for the finish line in Windsor, ON.

I don’t expect this trip to be an easy one by any stretch of the imagination. I will encounter constantly changing inclines, slippery gravel walkways, gusty headwinds, seemingly increasing canoe and pack weight and obvious fatigue and soreness. All this may seem like a lot, but it pales in comparison to what a person with cancer goes through on a daily basis. I have seen first-hand, the courage, resilience and determination these people display and I am going to draw upon that to motivate me all the way to the finish line! Hopefully with your support, I will have many more Canadians taking every step with me along the way, giving me the strength to carry on in moments of weakness.

You’re probably asking yourself why a pink canoe? And really it is just because breast cancer is the type of cancer that has affected me and my family the most. It has been a presence in my life from when I was a little kid, until as recently as a few years ago. And, plus, real men portage pink right? In all seriousness though, the purpose of this journey is to not only raise funds for all types of cancer research and care but also to raise overall cancer awareness. After all, your support will be the difference from just a guy carrying a pink canoe to something where we all take a step together in the fight against cancer.

Together, we portage; Together, We Can!


As another website (http://ca.shine.yahoo.com/blogs/shine-on/pink-portage-andrew-metcalfe-carries-pink-canoe-1-162722696.html) states:

On June 3rd, Andrew Metcalfe, 21, and his pink canoe left Kingston, Ontario, and headed out on a 1,200 km., 40-day trip, all in the name of breast-cancer awareness and research. His “Pink Portage” will conclude in Windsor, Ontario.

“Every day I walk until I reach my goal — 20 or 30 kilometres — and then I set up camp in an area where I won’t get kicked off of or that I have permission to stay on due to some very generous people who have offered to let me stay,” Metcalfe said.

Why is Metcalfe motivated to portage for cancer?

Metcalfe’s mother, grandmother and aunt all suffered from breast cancer. His mother and grandmother are now in remission. His aunt lost her battle with cancer in 2005.

For daily updates, including pictures and Andrew’s thoughts for all things pertaining to the Pink Portage.